What is Co-Living?

The Past

Think of a traditional house share and you’ll probably conjure up images of tired and grotty properties with landlords that don’t care about their tenants. Dirty kitchens and shared bathrooms that you wouldn’t put your pet in let alone choose to live in yourself. This is the house share of the past.

The Present

For today’s working professional Co-Living is often about much more than simply sharing a property. It’s a personal choice and a way of life. For some it’s about meeting new people having recently moved to a new City for work. For others it’s a great way of establishing new friendships and building a brand new social life. And for some it fits in perfectly with a more economical way of living and discovering the true meaning of convenience with all of the essential utilities included. In short, Co-Living is now a place you can truly call home.

Capitum’s Co-Living developments offer a wide range of properties and with room sizes to suit. Need your own private space? No problem – we’ve got this covered. We have properties with single and double rooms and both en-suite and shared shower rooms. Whatever your budget or preferences we have rooms to suit.

And last but not least all of our properties can be found in the greatest spots in town. With the minimum of travelling distances into the City Centre and great transport links you can be sure of an easy ride into work and for meeting friends. We’ve thought of it all.

What’s not to like?

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